We are using OB5.5 on windows xp/2003 server(both test),with notes 6.5
client installed.
we use express install.

The id file format is like (chinese name+emploee id).id,example for "????1111.id".
Also we change the id file name to (emploee id ).id like "1111.id"
The id we provided is admin id, have the web access privilege.

Fail to sync or test user. The return message is
Authentication failed.
Invalid username/password
Authentication failed.
Unable to find user '1111'(or ????1111) in domain address book on server

We try the notes password and internet password.
We try the user name like "domain\user" format.
All of above is failed in Authentication.

I think we config OB 5.5 correctly.
Because when we use NT Authentication to sync file, that is OK.

can anyone give me some ideas?
Is that the Unicode problem?
thank in advance.