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PowerPack DLLs

2 posts in PB Native Interface Last posting was on 2007-06-25 13:27:27.0Z
chance Posted on 2007-06-23 16:14:03.0Z
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I want to use Roy's PowerPack for base64 encoding. However, when I try to
call the function I get a bad run-time reference. I suspect it is because I
am missing the required DLLs. I see a list of them in the PBNI chapter of
the PB9 book. However, I was wondering if anyone has a zip file of all of
them. Don't want to go out looking for each one.

best regards,

Roland Smith [TeamSybase] Posted on 2007-06-25 13:27:27.0Z
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There is a Windows API function that will do it - CryptBinaryToString. There
is an example on my website.

Or just paste the code below. If you are using PB9 or below, remove the '*
2' and change the W to A in the Alias. There is also a decode function in my
example as well.


External Function:

Function boolean CryptBinaryToString ( &
Blob pbBinary, &
ulong cbBinary, &
ulong dwFlags, &
Ref string pszString, &
Ref ulong pcchString &
) Library "crypt32.dll" Alias For "CryptBinaryToStringW"

Constant ULong CRYPT_STRING_BASE64 = 1
String ls_encoded
ULong lul_len, lul_buflen
Boolean lb_rtn

lul_len = Len(ablob_data)

lul_buflen = lul_len * 2

ls_encoded = Space(lul_buflen)

lb_rtn = CryptBinaryToString(ablob_data, &
lul_len, CRYPT_STRING_BASE64, &
ls_encoded, lul_buflen)
If Not lb_rtn Then ls_encoded = ""

Return ls_encoded