Sorry for bother u but I've so many problem using appeon.

I need to download files from ftp server and I tried to use the workaround
but the of_logonfileserver function always return -1.

Would like to know during the configuration process, what info should be
entered into the file-path value in config xml file if the file server is a
ftp server?

Here is the config file I used. Pls advise if it is correct.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<file-path value="ftp://ftp server address/" />
<session-timeout value="3600" />
<allowed-file-types value="txt;doc;jpg;mpeg" ignorecase="true" />
<max-file-size value="20" />
<user name="userA" password="userA" />
<user name="userB" password="userB" />