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FREE monitoring tool for SYBASE

2 posts in Product Futures Discussion Last posting was on 2007-07-07 02:12:37.0Z
Gregory Surilov Posted on 2007-07-06 19:53:18.0Z
From: Gregory Surilov
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Subject: FREE monitoring tool for SYBASE
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FREE monitoring tool for SYBASE

DBA Informer for SYBASE allows you to see:

1. All running processes - by clicking on a process you can
see some additional information on currently executing SQL,
such as:
· Running SQL
· Query plan
· Procedure nesting - If the process is running a nested
stored procedure, DBA Helper will provide you with a list
off all procedures in the order they were executed
· Some additional detailed info like network packet size,
packets and bytes sent and received, physical and logical
reads, pages modified, etc.

2. Lock information -
· locks in use
· blocked locks and the ability to alert users on any
blocking that is happening on the server.

3. Recent server activity -
· Detailed, graphical explanation of all deadlocks that
were generated on the server since the last server reboot.
· Recently executed SQL
· Most CPU-consuming SQL

4. Database statistics -
· Backup status (backup in progress, last backup failed,
transaction log consumption and utilization)
· Most frequently used objects
· Unused indexes
· Detailed information on all cached objects

5. Table information - this section is a very useful feature
of the tool. It allows you to see if tables are fragmented
(fragmentation usually prevents the optimizer from making
accurate and efficient decisions). It shows the following
information without making any kind of OS calls like
· Data page cluster ratio
· Index page cluster ratio
· Data row cluster ratio
· Large I/O efficiency
· Space utilization

6. Server information section displays:
· Detailed engine activity
· Procedure Cache Hit Ratio
· Live view of the SYBASE Server log

"Paul Horan[TeamSybase]" Posted on 2007-07-07 02:12:37.0Z
From: "Paul Horan[TeamSybase]" <phoran AT sybase DOT com>
Newsgroups: sybase.public.ase.product_futures_discussion
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Subject: Re: FREE monitoring tool for SYBASE
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Please post product announcements of this nature in the
news.3rd_party_products forum.

Paul Horan[TeamSybase]

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