Hi all,

We have added an ini file to our application and wish to stream it down to
the handheld.

We have been told to make the following changes to our setup:

1) In Microsoft IIS, on the virtual directory, change the HTTP Header
properties to add .ini to the MIME Types.
2) In M-BusinessAnywhereServer/conf directory, update the mime.types file
and edit the line that begins application/octet-stream to add 'ini' to the
end of that line.
3) In M-BusinessAnywhereServer/conf directory, update the sync.conf.defaults
file and copy the line which starts #SyncPref WinCEDownloadsExts and add a
#SyncPref WinCEDownloadExts "ini"
4) In M-BusinessAnywhereServer/tomcat/conf directory, modify the web.xml
file and add a mime-mapping block:


Is all the above actually necessary to stream one additional file type?

The reason I ask this is that we forgot to do point 4) and everything seems
to work as expected.

Why would there need to be more than 2 steps: one to make IIS let the file
down and one to let M-Business let the file down?