Sametime users can not send IM messages from the device but
mobile devices are able to receive Sametime messages.

The attached "sametimegw_java.jar" file fixes the following

- send a message from Sametime native client to Sametime
proxy account, logged in through a Mobile IM client
- the Mobile IM client receives the message
- try to reply from the Mobile IM client to this message
- in cases with more complex Sametime user names there is a
chance the reply to fail

You may apply the patch the following way:
- Stop all Mobile IM Services (from the Server Manager tool)
- go to Mobile IM installation folder
- rename the original file sametimegw_java.jar (to
sametimegw_java.jar_old for example)
- copy the attached sametimegw_java.jar into the same folder
- start all Mobile IM Services
- test