Note: Currently adding the AOL, MSN, and Yahoo should only
be done for testing purposes. Sybase iAnywhere is working
on licensing agreements with AOL, MSN, and Yahoo but
currently these public IM networks are not yet supported.

1. Installing services.

Open command prompt.

> cd %MAINDIR% (directory where the server is installed)
> AIMGateway.exe -i
> MSNGateway.exe -i
> YahooGateway.exe -i

2. Open Launcher.ini and add the lines in [MODULES] section,
replacing %MAINDIR% with the directory where the server is
installed (C:\Program Files\iAnywhere\OneBridge Messenger

20 = 1, 1, 2000, AIMGateway.exe, %MAINDIR%\AIMGateway.exe,
21 = 1, 1, 2000, MSNGateway.exe, %MAINDIR%\MSNGateway.exe,
22 = 1, 1, 2000, YahooGateway.exe,
%MAINDIR%\YahooGateway.exe, -c

3. Go to Web Administration > Domain Management

Add domains (action "Create") aol, msn and yahoo, using
aol - 9001
msn - 9013
yahoo - 9019
(these ports can be seen in "Server Manager" as well)

3.1 In AIMgateway.ini , MSNgateway.ini and YahooGateway.ini
in the line begins with "interdomainaddress = " enter the
name/IP exactly as you have seen them in the web page from
point 3, "Address" field.