Hello All,

I use PB 10.5.1 Build 6602. In my application i use a Rich
Text Control user object inherited from richtextedit [i use
this control to key in data and save data back to the

Now the problem is, If i copy a line or chunk of text and
then release the keys (ie, Ctrl+C) and then put my mouse
cursor in somewhere between the text and then enter some key
from the keyboard, the RTE control does not capture my key

For example:

[Step 1]Say the first line is : I am a big bore...
[Step 2]I copy using shift+ Left Arrow: I am a
[Step 3]then i do Ctrl+C
[Step 4]then i release the Ctrl+C
[Step 5] bring the mouse cursor somewhere between "big
[Step 6] key in any alpha numeric characters between "big"
and "bore"

I will have to key in the alphabets two times to get my
alphabet i need between these lines!!!.

So end up if i need to key in "W" i need to press "W" twice.
Is this a bug?. I can replicate the problem but i cannot
debug the problem as the key event does not fire after
releasing the contrl+c key.

PB help says this:"When the user releases a key, the Key
event does not occur. Therefore, if the user releases a
modifier key, you do not know the current state of the
modifier keys until another key is pressed."

Does this mean that if i release the Ctrl+c key the key
event will not fire?.

Any help greately appreciated.


Thomas S