I am pleased to announce that Software Tool & Die Inc. has just released
today a new version of it's STD Foundation Classes (10.5.2) for PowerBuilder
10.5.2 (build 7016). This release includes many improvements that address
this updated release of PowerBuilder 10.5 as follows:

1) Various FC components tweaked for PB 10.5.2.
2) New "nc_numeric" object added for "Bitwize" operations!
3) New property added to base "response" dialog to allow it to become
4) Added example of resizable response dialogs to the OrderEntry sample
for the application 'Logon'!
5) New instance variables (il_rc and ii_rc) were added to the "base" custom
NVUO to allow
easier development coding without having to define these standard work
in every function and event.

The new FC's have been uploaded to CodeXchange and can be enjoyed at:

New Order Entry sample application for PB 10.5.2 ...


Regards ... Chris Pollach
Great White North Technical Evangelist