Hi All,

Sorry, I couldn't get answers to couple of simple questions
in PB documentation. Could you help me

Q1: I can catch PBNI extension PBXRuntimeError with
TRY...CATCH(PBXRuntimeError rte) and get an error message
text with rte.GetMessage() method in PB script. But does any
way exist to set my own error message text in
PBXRuntimeError object before I return PBX_FAIL from C class
method of PBNI extension

Q2: For example, I've defined a class inherited from
Exception in PBNI extension:

static const TCHAR desc[] = {
"class n_user_exception from Exception\n"
"end class\n"
As you can see this class has no methods in its definition
but of course has a number methods in PB native code as
Exception object inheritor. Can I somehow use SetMessage
method of base class in PBNI extension code to set exception
message text before session->ThrowException(n_uex) calling

I use PB 10.5.1

Thank you in advance