Using PB9.02, moving to PB11 shortly.

I have a .NET visual control instantiated as OleControl
(through pfc_u_oc) on a PB main window using COM. Most
functionality works fine but tooltips and shortcuts keys
don't make it through to the control.

The same .NET code is used in C# application where both
work; clients have seen that and want it in the PB app as

I tried instantiating the object using OleCustomControl and
found that shortcut keys work, but only when the control has
focus, in which case shortcuts to PB buttons don't work.

I find very little information in PB docs about tooltips or
mouse hover events; I'm thinking that PB may trap the
wm_mousehover event and not pass it along.

Is there an easy way in PB9 to get the tooltips and
shortcuts to work? Will upgrading to PB11 make a

I read that PB11 will support non-visual assemblies but not
visual assemblies. Does this mean that I will still have to
use the OleControl at least until PB12?

Thanks for any information.