Hi all,

I have done some preliminary checking in M-Biz 6.7. As far as I can tell,
other than a bug fix, I can't see anything different although I am sure that
behind the scenes much has changed.

1) Import / Export of users.
Import / Export of users is exactly the same as in 6.2. You have to save
target as file which makes it save to comma-delimited etc, but named as a
htm file - very odd.
Works the same in both versions.
Cannot export passwords.
Does not import Comments.
Bug fixed where if you have more than about 75 users you get the following
error message:
An Error has occurred:
SoapUsers failed.
Please see the following files for more details:

2) Import/Export of channels to a Group.
Does not exist. Still a pain. Our application has 10 channels in 2 groups
and we have to manually type these in each time at a customer site.
Whilst some have suggested that I write a routine to populate the table
directly in M-Biz, are there any issues in doing so? The AGDB should be an
embedded database and directly writing to its database should be a no-no.

3) Reports > Browse Sync Log
Haven't been able to check this, but I still don't think you can order this
by the most recent sync. Doesn't seem to have any options.
Have to click into each Id to see which User this is as it doesn't display
username so not so user friendly.

4) Reports > Usage History
Still no usage history by device. Can't tell the number of syncs by device.

Overall, still no easy option to export all groups and its channels/users
for easy import/export between servers (and versions), e.g. transfer from
live server to DR server or from live to test etc.

Are there likely to be enhancements in the future?