Hi All,

I have an Embedded Visual Basic (EVB) application with several modules which
access ASA database. Now I am planning to migrate EVB application to .Net CF
in phases – module by module. I completed the development of one of the
module in .Net CF and created an exe for the same. First EVB application is
opened (during the process it is connected to ASA database – here it is
consuming time to connect), then clicking on a button in EVB application - .Net
CF exe will be opened and during the process of opening the connection to ASA
it is taking around 10 secs. My problem is how can I avoid / reduce this
connection timing while opening .NET CF application.

- I am using the classes present under “iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere” namespace
to connect & access ASA database in CF.

- Please find the time schedule during the process of connection & open of ASA

mConnection = New iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere.SAConnection(connctionstring)--4sec

mConnection.Open -- 4sec

Please let me know how I can reduce / avoid this connection timing while
opening .NET CF module.
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