Hi All,
I have a problem with proxy-table and user disconnection that happens very
rare. The most of the time I do not have any issue but sometimes I do.

I run a Sybase Anywhere Server and I use a proxy table on a
remote server (Oracle 10g). I am using the Oracle wire ODBC driver 10
version I use a READ ONLY table from the remote server and my
software run its query (SELECT * FROM ...) without ANY TRANSACTION.

The problem happens when the user disconnect from the DB, sometime it is
unable to do that and the properties stuck in:
ReqType: Disconnect
ReqStatus: Executing

If I manually drop the connection the Engine die and I have to restart it.
It seems the Oracle connection remain "pending" and I do not have any tool
to drive it from Sybase.

Has anybody seen that? Any Suggestion? How I can overcome the situation
without dropping the connection (killing the engine)?

Kind Regards