Below is the link to the OneBridge for iPhone Beta Program
Webcast, recorded on Thursday, February 14, 2008.>(rg<qK9

In addition, here is the Q&A from the webcast.
Questions and Answers
February 14, 2008
Question: Does the iPhone support require the use of a
OneBridge proxy or would any generic proxy still work (i.e.
Bluecoat appliance)?
Answer: The DMZ Proxy we provide is specific to OneBridge
and is required because of the outbound model we use. We are
working to make this as a plug-in to IIS and Apache due
later this year. However, connections from an iPhone can be
routed through a generic Proxy before reaching the OneBridge
DMZ Proxy.

Question: I see there BES settings - is that available, too?
Answer: Yes, only for enabling applications. We do not
support email as BES has a closed system.

Question: Are you going to go through the installation steps
for Microsoft Exchange as well, later?
Answer: It is very similar. We will record one for Exchange
and post it on the newsgroup.

Question: I did not see any reference to calendar
Answer: The first release of OneBridge will not support
calendar synchronization with the iPhone as there is no
interface available. We are waiting for Apple's SDK due this
month to announce next steps.

Question: Are email attachments supported? What's your plan
to manage email attachments?
Answer: We will support attachments in a future release as
we are waiting to understand the SDK from Apple to see if it
provides us a better way to secure them.

Question: What is the address of the newsgroup?
Answer: Newsgroup link: