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Applications W32

2 posts in Trial information Last posting was on 2008-02-21 16:26:55.0Z
seba Posted on 2008-02-18 16:58:00.0Z
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Subject: Applications W32
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Is possible to block windows 98,2000,XP applications???


John Nichols Posted on 2008-02-21 16:26:55.0Z
From: John Nichols <>
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Subject: Re: Applications W32
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seba wrote:
> Hi,
> Is possible to block windows 98,2000,XP applications???
> Thanks!
> Regards

We call this "Blacklisting" applications.

This works only with applications started using Windows Explorer and
only with specific filenames,("Run" command from Start Menu and desktop
are parts of Windows Explorer).

You can use the Afaria Session Manager to modify the registry and add
the following keys:


Create a key (if it doesn't exist) called DisallowRun.

Inside the key add string values of filenames you don't want Explorer to
start. For example "paint.exe". No need to include the path to the
file or it's location.

Keep in mind that this will then apply for every file for every user
regardless of its location, so if you, for example add setup.exe, you
won't be able to install an application that uses setup.exe. Keep in
mind this works by the application name, so if a user were to change the
actual name of the application it would not be blocked.

This will work for Win2000 pro and up. Not sure if it is supported in
Windows 98.