I am using PB 9.0.2. I am looking for a technique:
I want to save the result of multiple RTE objects in one file.

I am using PasteRtf to insert a template and DataSource to replace
I am creating multiple RTE's by performing the process in a loop.
(This is not a scenario where I can perform a DataSource once against
multiple rows.)

When I attempt to CopyRtf from the above RTE (RTE-A), and InsertRtf into
another RTE (RTE-B) multiple times, I get multiple copies in RTE-B of the
last RTE-A that was inserted. That is, the variable values are all
substituted in previous instances with the values from the last RTE

I also tried to SaveDocument into multiple files, and then looped an
InsertDocument into a target RTE, trying to collect all the documents for a
SaveDocument of the target RTE. I got the same results - multiple copies of
the final document. (All the individual documents were correct.)

I there a way to combine multipe RTE's or RTF documents into one file?