We are converting an application from PB6 to PB10.5 and have a strange problem.

There are about 10,000 reports that printing to PDF files in the loop.

It looks like everything is setup correctly, because it is working, but just for
limited number of reports.

And problem is not in particular DataWindow, because number of successfully
printed reports are sporadically different, even if I start applications one
after another without any changes in many different settings.

I monitor resources using Windows Task Manager, its look absolutely fine!

I spent a couple of weeks on this problem. It was giving GPFs first, now, after
using 'Sybase DataWindow PS', it just kicking out of the program, and it happens
exactly on SaveAs, no messages, nothing!

I am using:
Windows XP Professional
PB 10.5.2 Build 7635
Sybase DataWindow PS

Any hint will be very appretiated.

Thank you.
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