Hello, everyone

We have an application that should print about 10,000 reports to PDF files.

It just in the LOOP: ads_report.Print(FALSE, FALSE)

After 2-4 hours of job it either crashing or just kick you out of the
application without messages.

All resources look OK, except fast growing number of Handles for PB105.EXE
process, I can see it in Windows Task Manager.

I dind't find in the code any problem with DESTROYing on fly created objects.
'USER Objects' meter in Windows Task Manager looks OK.

I have a guess, that it is internal PowerBuilder code bug, that after every
Print don't clean up resources.

Any help will be very apprertiated.

Our environment:
As a Printer driver for PDF documents I tried half a dozen, but I don't this the
issue is there.


Vladimir Uzlaner
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