I have a data to display problem I hope someone can help me

I have a several dw's in a composite window. I am loading
data into each from a solo datastore of retrieved data, via
dot notation.

The problem is that the values being loaded are not the
values being displayed in some cases, in other cases the
values are correct.

dw_report is the Composite parent datawindow.
dw_mfg_unalloc_amt is a child of dw_report.

This line places the value from the datastore into a local
ldc_unalloc_amt =

Then I place the value into the composite dw child.
= ldc_unalloc_amt

I added the debug statement to see if the value in the child
is the one placed there from the second line above.
ldc_unalloc_amt =

In all cases ldc_unalloc_amt shows the correct amount.

However, when the DataWindow is displayed, the value placed
in the column above is different from the value in

Not in every row, only in some cases.

In one row, th ealvue displayed is correct [the value in
ldc_unalloc_amt], in another row, the value displayed is not
the same as the value in ldc_unalloc_amt.

One incorrect value is in the 100's of thousands, the other
is single digits, so it is not a column size or formatting
problem. I tis not one row after another, it is row 8, then
row 19, then row 37, and so on.

It is random, or so it seems.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.