We have 9 crosstab datawindow reports in our application. They all migrated
without error to PB 11.1. The one "dynamic" crosstab (where "Rebuild columns
at runtime" is checked) can be Previewed in the PB 11.1 DW painter and runs
in the application without problems.

The 8 "static" crosstabs (where "Rebuild columns at runtime" is unchecked)
all display the prompt "Please refresh your crosstab definition." when
Previewed in the DW Painter or run from the application.

There are several reasons that these 8 crosstabs are static: (1) to preserve
additional computed columns and all the formatting. It is extremely
time-consuming to reformat the reports. (2) For 6 of the reports, we
dynamically modified the DW SQL at runtime to set the date ranges to
retrieve, e.g., WHERE inv_dt BETWEEN '12/1/2007' AND '12/31/2007'. We also
dynamically modify the DW source to set the column titles to indicate the
date range, e.g., "2007 Sales", "2008 Sales", "2008 - 2007 Sales", "2008
Increase (Decrease)". Because the base tables are the largest in our
database, we never Preview these crosstabs in the DW Painter.

So, the first thing I had to do to try to work with these crosstabs in PB
11.1 was to add a WHERE condition to the base SQL.

I opened the migrated DW's in the Painter, clicked Data, added the WHERE
clause, clicked Return. The Crosstab Definition dialog opened, with the OK
and Cancel buttons disabled and the Columns and Rows areas empty. Once I
dragged Source Data to Columns and Rows, the OK and Cancel buttons became
enabled. I left "Rebuild columns at runtime" unchecked (to avoid losing the
formatting) and clicked OK. It briefly flashed the Retrieving message and
then it crashed PowerBuilder. I rebooted and repeated the same steps and it
crashed again.

I tried a different strategy. I exported the migrated DW Source. The Release
= 6 for the migrated datawindow. So it really hasn't been migrated to PB

I then regenerated the DW (OK) in PB 11.1. I exported the DW Source Code.
Still version 6.

I then opened the DW in the Painter, Saved (without making any changes), and
exported the DW again. This time the version was 11. I added the WHERE
clause to the SQL, imported the DW, opened it in the Painter, clicked
Preview. It displayed the "Please refresh your crosstab definition." prompt.
I opened the Crosstab Definition and clicked OK. As before, it briefly
flashed the "Retrieving" message and then crashed PB.

I dread recreating these crosstabs from scratch. If anyone has any
experience with migrating static crosstabs, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Linda Dudzic