Hi all,

I have a composite datawindow, and it has 4 child dwos.


The dw_header_top, dw_doc_detail and dw_footer dwo's will always have a
single row.
The dw_doc_lines may have >=1 rows.

Now my problem is in dw_doc_lines dwo. The dw_doc_lines dwo is a tabular dwo
and has a header and detail. The "Auto size height" property is set for the
detail band of the dw_doc_lines dwo and the text columns in the detail band.
The auto size height is working perfect. But if a row detail has huge detail
then it overlapped with the next page header and the report looks awkward.

Now, I want to avoid the detail band overlapping in successive pages.

Any round-about or solutions?

Note: Please check the attached image which shows the overlapping of the
Page 3 details of the report in Page 4. Actually the details overlapped in
the 4th page header should be displayed down after the header.

Rammurali Krishnan B