using pb 10.5.1, win xp


i have a datawindow in preview-mode, where the user can do some formatting
like setting bold, italic, rowheight and so on.

when I set such a property in the datawindow then the dw automatically
scrolls to the top of the first page.

But i want to reside the dw on the same scrolling position, (otherwise the
user cannot see the changes).

I tried following:

- use Setredraw(false) while setting the property (didn't work)

- saving value of dw.object.verticalscrollposition and restore it after
setting the property (but it only returns the top position of each page).

- switching to non-preview-mode, setting the property and switching back
to preview mode (didn't work)

Has anybody another idea, to scroll the dw to exact the same position where
it was before?