We have a production Sybase 15.0.2 Server that we replicate
to a Reporting Server, also 15.0.2. Our replication version
is 12.0.6

WE are experiencing latency of over 24hours right now. Can
anyone suggest what I should be looking at to do some
problem determination. I maybe calling into Sybase Tech
Support, but I do not want to just say "Replication is
slow". What type of things cause Rep server to fall this
far behind ? I like to have plenty of detail prior to
calling in a problem.

Any help is appreciated.

Also, below is something that I see running in the report
server. Not sure if it has something to do with Rep ..

Thank in advance ,

SQL Text: execute rs_update_lastcommit @origin = 282,
@origin_qid =
, @secondary_qid =
, @origin_time = '20080727 22:50:01:060'
commit transaction