Ok, I have an old Pylon server running It's only used by 2 or 3
users, but they like it so we've kept it around.

I decided to cull the user list (there are 10 set up, including a test
account) and I receive the following error when deleting a user:

"Could not delete user 'mydomain\test' because of the following error:
Unable to connect to the Pylon Anywhere server 'localhost' on port 8788.
Ensure that the server has the Pylon Anywhere Web Site running."

The server does have the site running, and it's working fine. I can browse
to the site and log in as a user and view their mailbox, and syncing via
handheld devices is working normally (though I frequently have to reload the
Pylon Anywhere app on the devices).

Any ideas on what I can look at?

Server: Windows Server 2003 SP1 (upgraded a year ago from Windows 2000
Server SP4)

In case this has any bearing, this server has two websites on it. The Pylon
site is bound to, as well as the server's NIC address with a host
header for "pda.mydomain.com", which is what the users access outside of the
network, as well as what their Pylon clients connect to. The second website
is for our Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (the primary purpose
of the server), and has its site bound to the same IP but with a
"solarwinds" host header (it's only accessed from within the network). The
server has functioned for several years with both of these sites on it with
no problem, though Solarwinds has been updated a couple of times in the last
year or two. The last time I deleted a Pylon user was last year.

Any help is certainly appreciated. Thanks in advance.