Am only experiencing this on one machine.
W2003 standard server acting as the terminal server.

Have created a profile in the ODBC administrator to connect to a ASA11
db which resides on a different subnet.

TS server (

Have other odbc connections on other machines in the same situation
and all connect fine.

This is a major problem since my application usesa transaction object
to carry out some functions.

The problem seems to be when I test the connection it always says that
my password is incorrect. But after resetting the password two or
three times then I get a successful connection test. Then once closing
and reopening the test fails again..

The application always makes a successfully connection but when using
the transaction object it will popup the odbc profile..

So the problem seems to be some corruption with the odbc profile..
Have tried to delete the profile and create a new one but to no

any ideas??


Also this only started when I went up to v11 in ASA.
So looks like odbc got tangled up in the way..
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