hi all,

Our customer want to migrate the onebridge server to a new machine.
We meet some problem in this process.

Notes Server:6.5.4
OS:windows 2003
OneBridge: 5.5

The old server and the new server almost have the same configration.
Also they use the same license and have the same computer name.
The old server was in the domain, while the new one was belong to workgroup.

The main difference is that the old machine was in the same network with
Notes Server.
While the new machine was in the DMZ.

The old server work fine.
The new server can use notes client to receive the mail from Notes server.
And the Notes Adpter testing was passed.
We close the antivirus program(Macfee).

When we open the onebridge client, Reset the client and connect to the new
The Initializing sync is OK, we can get the new profile.
But client stop at "waiting for lotus notes respons".
The only way is click cancel. And the session finish with error
log"connection lost".

At the new onebridge server. We can find the log said,
Status,Category,User Id,Start Time,End Time,Computer
Active,Synchronization,wshao,2008-08-06 6:08:28 PM,,SCSVR143
Active,Session,wshao,2008-08-06 6:08:22 PM,,SCSVR143
Information,Profile,wshao,2008-08-06 6:06:51 PM,2008-08-06 6:06:51
Cancel,Synchronization,wshao,2008-08-06 6:03:52 PM,2008-08-06 6:08:28
Success,Session,wshao,2008-08-06 6:03:47 PM,2008-08-06 6:07:02 PM,SCSVR143
Cancel,Synchronization,wshao,2008-08-06 6:00:57 PM,2008-08-06 6:03:52
Reachable,Live Connect,wshao,2008-08-06 3:15:34 PM,,SCSVR143
Information,Live Connect,wilson shao,2008-03-06 3:32:52 PM,,SCSVR143
NotReachable,Live Connect,wilson shao,2008-03-06 3:28:12 PM,,SCSVR143
You can see the log in the attachment.

Anyone help? Is this problem cause by license?