We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Sybase Hosted
Relay Server service.

The relay server is a new feature in SQL Anywhere 11.0 that provides a
number of significant benefits. The relay server:

* facilitates communication between mobile devices and mobile middleware
servers in a way that easily integrates with existing corporate firewall
configurations and policies
* provides a mechanism to enable a load-balanced and fault-tolerant
environment for mobile middleware servers.

The Sybase Hosted Relay Server service is intended to ease the
development of mobile applications and to simplify the process for
customers wishing to evaluate Sybase software (SQL Anywhere, Afaria,
OneBridge), especially where clients are sending data over public
wireless networks. You can subscribe to the hosted relay server service
and then easily synchronize data from your mobile clients to your
MobiLink server without requiring your own IT department to install
anything or open any holes in your corporate firewall. When you are
ready to deploy your application, you can then install the relay server
in your own corporate infrastructure.

For more information on the relay server and to sign up for the service,
please visit http://www.sybase.com/detail?id=1057809

Joshua Savill
Sybase iAnywhere - Product Manager