I am currently writing some PB extensions with PBNI and I am wondering if a
pbni object can expose some instance variable along functions and global
Is it the goal of the AddLocalRef / AddGlobalRef funcs ?

BTW, what could be a usage for the PushLocalFrame / PopLocalFrame ?

The api is documented alas the methods descriptions are somewhat short and
there is not much use cases examples (I mean high level explanations). I
have also picked many if not all of the pbni samples in codexchange but I
did not found some usage of these funcs yet.

I am using PB10.5.2.

The pbni objects I am writing concern : a hash table object, a perl
compatible regular expression module, and I will also try to make my
applications scriptable by using pbni embedded interpreters. The proof of
concept is already done with perl, but if possible I will use perl, pytjon,
ruby and lua. If someone is interrested, I will be happy to share some info
and the final code.