Hello Colleagues,

We just migrated from PB 10 to PB 11.2.8542.
One of the issues I am having is with RichTextEdit controls. For some reason
when the LeftMargin or the RightMargin property is set to something other then
0, the control turns to “Print Preview” mode both in design and at runtime. But
it is not true Print Preview because executing the Preview( FALSE ) function has
no effect on this weird layout. If I set the Margin properties to 0 then the
layout is fine, but the document get cutoff when printing.

Here is what I am trying to achieve. I have a logon disclaimer that I present to
the user during sign on. That window contains the RTE control, but is too small
to display the entire width of the page. So I want it to wrap to the size of my
control, which it did fine in PB10. Now, with PB11, the contents of the RTE do
not wrap, whether or not I have the Wrap property enabled. Only setting the
Margins seems to wrap the contents. I know that PB has completely replaced the
Rte control with PB10.5. Am I missing something simple? How do I disable that
weird “Print Preview” layout when changing margins?