I would like to use the RTE style for printing documents. I have been
successful in using it for data entry DWs, however, for printing the
document/report I can not use AutoSize height for the column or the band.

The release notes say that it will blow up sometimes and to install .Net
Framework 3.5 to solve the problem (CR 542149). (Note: When installing
3.5, it does not set the system path to the .Net 3.5 folder. If you
have 2.0 installed, you need to manually edit the path and put the .Net
3.5 folder before the 2.0 folder).

Well this allows me to actually set the properties and save the DW, but
in preview mode or runtime PB blows up when retrieving data with these
properties set.

Has anyone found a way to work around this yet?