Is there any global external functions I could use to select
the entire contents of the rte control so that I do not have
to use the CopyRTF(FALSE) command?

The CopyRTF(FALSE) command causes the rtf field to jump back
to line one.

If a user has a 100 line document, the rtf field only
displays 25 lines at a time, and they are on line 50, and
line 50 is in the middle of the fields viewing area.
When the user presses the Save button, the CopyRTF(FALSE)
command is called, to get the entire contents of the field
to be saved to the database.
I reset the cursor back to line 50, but to the user line 50
jumps from the middle of the viewing area down to the last
This looks unprofessional, and I would like to set line 50
back to where it was before.

I am using PowerBuilder Desktop version 10.2