I am currently testing with the native SQLAnywhere driver to connect to
both ASA8 and 10 servers.
We did some testing using a laptop running Windows XP both asa8 and 10
developers editions, and this worked well.
When connecting to a database at a customers site however, I get the

Warning: sqlanywhere_connect() [function.sqlanywhere-connect]:
SQLAnywhere: [116] Language 'us_english' is not supported, 'dutch' will
be used in /var/www/performancetests/tests/benchmark.php on line 149

I looked this up in the manual, and it is just a warning. The connection
however fails because of this; I don't get a resource identifier.

Furthermore, on local test systems, where I don't get this warning and
the connection succeeds, when calling a stored procedure I get this

Warning: sqlanywhere_query() [function.sqlanywhere-query]: SQLAnywhere:
[105] Procedure has completed in /var/www/performancetests/tests/
benchmark.php on line 157

Which makes no sense at all. The query however does work normally, but
while testing I'd rather avoid supressing warnings, and these clearly
shouldn't be warnings at all.

And there is a third bug, the ASA driver sources I downloaded for ASA10
included a Makefile (m4) that looked something like
if asa9 then... if asa8 then..., and I edited this to include "if asa10
then"... otherwise the driver wouldn't build at all. The problems I'm
having don't seem to be caused by this however.

PHP version used: PHP Version 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.3
PHP Sqlanywhere Driver used: 1.0.8
Ubuntu version used: Ubuntu 8.04.1
Apache version used: 2.2.8-1ubuntu0.3