I try to port a working BDS2006 .NET application to RADstudio 2007 and
can not figure out were the problem is.
We copied all sourcecode including the bin dll's.
2 are different between BDS2006 and RS2007. Borland.Data.Common.dll and
Borland.Data.Provider.dll. (.NET 2.5 versus 3.0).
2-dll's are the same Advantage.Data.Provider.dll ( and
Borland.Data.Advantage.dll (
In the connection string is the last dll including the correct
versionnumber present, it looks like
Database=' + sUNCDataBase + ';' +
'Username=' + sUser + ';' +
'Password=' + sPassWord + ';' +
'assembly=Borland.Data.Advantage, Version=, Culture=neutral,

The error message I get is (translated from Dutch)
Can't convert object of type Borland.Data.Advantage.AdpConnection to
type Borland.Data.Common.ISQLConnection.
(This is with the BDS2006 dll's for Borland.Data.Common and
When I use the RS2007 versions of Borland.Data.Common and
Borland.Data.Provider then I receive the error:
Can not load one or more requested types, Get the
loaderexceptions-property for more information.
The last lines in the stacktrace are
System.Reflection.Module._GetTypesInternal(StackCrawlMark& stackMark) +0
System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes() +96
Borland.Data.Provider.BdpPoolmanager.GetSQLConnection(String sDriver,
String sAssembly) +155
Borland.Data.Provider.BdpPoolmanager.GetConnection(String ConnString,
String ConnOptions) +172)

Can anyone advice me on this?

Thanks in advance