In the window painter I used the "Create Ole Control" to
insert control "Microsoft Web Browser" custom control into
my window.

This is fine, it works, yay, its so easy,

String LS_URL
LS_URL = "c:\dir\some_local_harddisk_html_file.html"
w_some_window.ole_browser.object.Navigate( LS_URL )

And low and behold success, it navigates to a local file and
loads it and it looks all pretty, well , almost.

I cant seem to figure out how to shut off the grey'ed out
vertical scrollbar that appears in the Microsoft Web Browser
OLE control even though in my page the HTML source is tight
and small and there is no other page content that is not
being shown properly.

How can i use powerscript and shut that greyed out scrollbar

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Im thinking using window spy to get the handle of the object
after its created and then what, use win api to kill the
vertical scrollbar object ?

if anyone has the code or knows a easy way to do this please