I tried to coding the PrintPage event to adjust the top and bottom margins
based upon the page being an even or odd page. This had no affect on the
top and bottom margins. Additionally, if forced the application to print
the first row of the report repeatedly.

I tried resetting various printer (HP LaserJet 4250 PCL 6 printer) setting
associated with duplexing. This printer allows for manual duplexing. The
adjusted settings were:

1. Printing Shortcuts

a. Printing Shortcut section

General Everyday Printing

ii. Two
Sided Printing

b. Print on Both Sides

Yes, Flip Up

ii. Yes,
Flip Over

2. Finishing

a. Print On Both Sides

b. Orientation

Rotate by 180 degrees

Turn on and off the various options did not affect on the spaces provided
for the top and bottom margins.

I would appreciate any suggestions to resolve this issue with the report
printing with the appropriate top and bottom margins for binding.

Anthony Savino

NewVision Systems, Inc