Should a nested datawindow in a trailer band of a datawindow
be able to span more than 1 page?

I have a datawindow containing some nested datawindows in
various trailer bands. One particular nested datawindow has
sufficient data to span a couple of pages. Unfortunately, in
print preview, or when printed, this nested datawindow is
truncated at the end of the first visible page that contains
this nested datawindow. The remainder of the datawindow
following the trailer band containing this nested datawindow
appears as expected.

Curiously, the print preview window contains a zoom control.
When the datawindow is zoomed smaller, more data than was
originally visible can now be viewed and printed. However,
truncation still occurs at the end of the first page that
contains this nested datawindow.

Note: All trailer bands and nested datawindows have
"Autosize Height" checked.

One solution would be to abandon the use of the trailer
bands and put all data and nested datawindows in the detail
band with appropriate visible / non visible controls as was
required prior to PB 10.5. Is this the only way? Could this
be a bug?