I can find very little Sybase documentation for doing XML to
stream, or stream to XML conversions. My feelings are that
converting a simple basic XML file is easier to work with
one with geeked out, multiple nested tags, and nested
I've done enough trial and error (T&E) coding to figure that
much out. It appears to me the Impact tool can only work
with a
simple XML file. Has anyone else come to this conclusion?
trying to do an XML to stream conversion on a complex file,
get an odd collection of bugs. Has anyone else experienced

1) While processing a nested group the transaction
will only process the group one time and then on any
subsequent attempt to process the same group fails. It
doesn't process the loop again.
2) Trying to use a data link in a rule component total
up the output.
3) If the inbound field is empty, and it is mapped in an
bound rule component, transaction production fails
the inbound field is empty. I get around this by putting
blank in the default value field. (I've seen this error
mentioned in other newsgroup entries.)
4) When in a rule component you have the option to check
whether you want to use either the 'Data' or 'Attr.'
I've noticed that I can set these to 'Data' and save the
prod obj. Then when I close and re-open the prod obj, the
selection magically gets changed to 'Attr.'.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? If so, I'd love
input. Thank you.