Hi All:

I am using PB 11.2 Build (8616) with backend sybase ASE
I have a report that needs printing photographs stored in
blob in backend database. So i used InkPicture control and
each page of the report has upto 9 photographs (using Ink
Picture control)
[did some backend pivoting or rows to display 9 photographs
- 3 pictures per row with 3 rows)

Problem: the report seem to display all 9 picture per page
but when i print the report it skips some images randomly. I
have tried sending a print job and this too does not work. I
have tried hiding picture control (not inkpicture ) on the
report, calculate the position and print the picture but
this too does not seem to work.

Preferred solution:
Anybody if you could share a solution to print the report
using Inkpicture control would be great. Any alternate ideas
most welcome.

Thanks a bunch in advance