The library creates a PDF from PowerBuilder without the need of a printer
driver, it makes use of the iTextSharp Library

Download CATsoftPDF from
Scroll down to the PowerBuilder section.

For testing purposes it's only available as WebService. This allows us to
fix things during testing quickly. No data is stored on the service. The
datawindow definition is taken and the columns are filled with dummy data.

Later the Library will be available to purchase.

Supported are:
- One Header, One Footer and Summary Band
- Lines, Rectangles, Round Rectangles and Ovals
- Multiple Pages
- Logos (not in the WebService trial Version, as only the DataWindow syntax
gets transmitted to the WebService) are always behind

- No Autosize
- No Slide
- No groups
- No graphics
- Fonts: The fonts must be available for generating the PDF. This might be
an issue in the test version as the server is Windows 2003 with default

- The trial/beta Version is in PB 11.2
- As the library works with COM it's backward compatible in the production
- Currently the production library makes use of .NET 3.5. Let us know if
this is an issue.

If you encounter any problems please contact us at and
provide the datawindow syntax that makes troubles.

Arthur Hefti