have you ever remember the old PowerBuilder and its
DataWindow Control?
I hava used powerbuilder for a long time ,now i am using
java,but i still remind it.
So I decide to rewrite DataWindow Control Again to use it in
Java ,in IE and so on.
Today ,I finished it.
Yes ,i do.
You can look it at http://liujunsong.a108.xunbiz.com/
I am sorry to say it is now only chinese version,while
english vision will post in a llittle time.

You can download webdw0.3 from this site. It has user manual
I am sorry to support only chinese now.while english
document will publish soon.

If you think it is funny or useful,please contract me.
I can sell source code to you .
And It will have java version soon.

Yours. Liu Junsong