PB 10.5 Oracle 9i

Using a stored proc as the datasource for a dw....

I must say, I was a little surprised to see that when a
field was added to the bottom of a SELECT statement in a ref
cursor, PB did not give a runtime error. Anyone know why?
I know that a runtime error is raised when there is a
mismatch in column type. I guess I just assumed there would
be one as well for column/field count.

Here is why I am asking, the stored proc is shared between 2
applications (1 powerbuilder, 1 .net). The field was added
for use in the .net application only. So, my company feels
pretty comfortable that as long as the .net developers
continue to add at the bottom of SELECT - that changes will
not be necessary to powerbuilder application at that time
(basically, wait until the next time we need to touch

This makes me a little uneasy. Am I worrying for nothing?
Is there something that justifies my uneasiness?

Any input would be appreciated. I am not looking to be
right. I just want to make sure that we are not going to
get bit when we least expect.