PB 10.2.1 Build 9948
SQL 2000

I have the next problem in execution time, that does not happens running
inside powerbuilder IDE.

I have two legacy tables with different size for code column, with some
condition, I have to change the drop-down in a field from a grid, with one
condition table A, code colum char(5), and in other cases
table B, code colum char(15). Of course in the destination table, the field
is char(15), the bigger one.

I have no problems running the program inside the PB IDE, but it does not
works running the compiled application. On every instrucion
this.object.field.DDDW.Name="xx", .datacolumn, and .displaycolumn,
appears a messagebox with the text "invalid argument to function".

Any help on this issue, that can be a set up in the connection profile or
something, that can save me from changing the code on every screen.

I does not happened in PB 9, IDE or run-time.

Alfredo Santibáñez