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2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2009-03-27 14:18:31.0Z
ivh Posted on 2009-03-26 17:52:57.0Z
From: ivh
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Subject: cache
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hi all.

when i have 2gb ram in my server , how percent cache max
required assigemnt to my service


"Nick Elson [Sybase iAnywhere]" < Posted on 2009-03-27 14:18:31.0Z
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There is no one perfect setting for this.
It really depends upon the specifics
of your database design, the data and
its distribution, the queries to be ran
and your usage.

We used to suggest starting with a
cache size of around 10-15% that
of the database size but that was only
a starting point. You will usually find
that is either not enough, or more than
sufficient. Just monitor the situation
and adjust accordingly.

The server will dynamically alter the
amount of cache it uses but that
is within the upper and lower limits
provided [see the -ch and -cl switches]

In parting, if this machine is going to be
dedicated to running just the database server,
then you can give it up to some level over
1.5GB of cache. But if it is going to need
to host other applications as well, it may need
to be smaller than that. This is just the upper
reaches of what is possible (32bit software),
not what is recommended or what you'll find
you may require.

<ivh> wrote in message
> hi all.
> when i have 2gb ram in my server , how percent cache max
> required assigemnt to my service
> thanks