I’m having a bit of trouble with a composite report.

We have an application where we may want to have certain
pieces of information printed on the first page only. The
detail portion of the report will contain a datawindow that
shows sales data. I originally tried putting these reports
in the header band and using an expression
(If(Page()=1,1,0)) to turn visible off. I also did the
same thing to the height of these reports. The header band
autosize was on, but the detail band did not shift up on the
second page. I then moved these reports to the top of the
detail band and it gave me what I thought I needed. It
works fine if sales data is not a group data window. All of
the reports in the composite datawindow have newpage set to
no. If I use a datawindow in a report that has groups and
newpage=yes, I’m getting an unwanted page break on the
first page. If the group datawindow is the first report on
the detail band, I don’t get this extra page. Also if the
sales report is not a grouped datawindow and I place the
other reports above it in the detail band, it behaves the
way that I would expect it. I guess my question is actually
two parts.
1. Is there any way to keep the additional reports in the
detail band above the sales report that has groups with
2. If I move my additional reports to the header band, is
there any way to shrink the height of the header band after
page one and slide up the detail band?
Hopefully, I’ve explained my situation clearly enough.
Attached is a word doc that hopefully shows my problem.