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Creating customised profiles

2 posts in Cluster Last posting was on 2009-04-17 08:30:02.0Z
M Paul Posted on 2009-04-16 22:18:02.0Z
From: M Paul
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Subject: Creating customised profiles
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Has anybody created a customised profile for a high oltp
environment with automatic failovers and also round robin
routing baed on logins.

Rob V [Sybase] Posted on 2009-04-17 08:30:02.0Z
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Subject: Re: Creating customised profiles
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Basically this means that you need to weigh the 'user connection' attribute
quite heavily compared to the other ones. That will not give you round-robin
distribution though, but a sort-of even distribution of user connections
over the different instances (which is not the same, though it may often
work out in a similar way). Of course, your logical lcuster definitions will
determine which instances can participate.
A general remark: a typical downside of this approach for OLTP is that you
may lose performance becuase the different instances are writing to the same
transaction log concurrently, and this will result in additional
coordination messaging happenng between the instances. Performance might be
better if you keep all those OLTP sessions together in one instance.

The HA comes for free with anything you do, provided you let the client app
use the HA conenction attribute (e.g. 'isql -Q').


Rob V.
Rob Verschoor

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<M Paul> wrote in message
> Has anybody created a customised profile for a high oltp
> environment with automatic failovers and also round robin
> routing baed on logins.