I'm running SQL Server on a NT 4.0 server. The SQL server and the
open clients
are configured to run with the us_english language and cp850.
Everything had been working fine until last Wednesday, when, suddenly,
characters such as "Ç", "À", "É",
"Ó", etc... where "changed" and strange characters appeared in their
These changes didn't occur in all databases. One of our system analysts
said that there weren't inserts or
updates in all the "wrong" lines of the databases. So we don't know what
could be happened.
Does anyone have an idea? (I think it's not a SQL Server problem but could
be a workstation running with a character set
diferent from cp850, but, by the other hand, how could it be if the systems
analyst said that there weren't inserts or
updates in the "wrong" databases?) Please help because we are totally lost.

Thanks in advance.