The SQL Anywhere team believes that a modern web based Q&A community
driven forum is the best way for SQL Anywhere users to get answers
about the SQL Anywhere product. A Q&A forum has many advantages
over NNTP based newsgroups, such as this one, that are currently
being used. As such, the SQL Anywhere team has been actively working
toward migrating the Q&A forum to a new web site
which will be hosted and maintained by Sybase.

Once the new SQL Anywhere Q&A web site is live, we are considering
deprecating and eventually closing down the current NTTP newsgroups that
are related to SQL Anywhere. If this path is taken we would like to
know from you, our user community, what you would like to see happen to
the newsgroup articles and threads.

I have posted a poll question on the current SQLA website to get your
opinion and have proposed a few possible answers. Please visit:

and vote on the direction you would like to be taken or propose
your own unique answer.

Thank you.
The SQL Anywhere team.

Mark Culp
Director of Engineering
SQL Anywhere Research and Development