We're running into a sporadic problem in which a datawindow with large jpeg
(and fields overlayed on it) refuses to display the image at runtime. The
overlay fields display and the report prints perfectly. We're printing
government forms by placing a full-size (7.5" X 10.5") jpeg image of their
form on the datawindow and placing fields in the correct positions. The
images are all local to the users' machines and the filename in the
pictureobject is a relative pathname. We just don't have time to create the
forms by hand. Anyway... in some instances, the user will display the
datawindow without the image, but it will print perfectly fine. The PCs are
all different vintages, but are all running XP with the latest service
packs. Memory is no less than 1GB in all cases.

Virtual memory? Video memory? PATH variable? Voodoo?