Hi All,
I had a database attached to separate log and data
devices.Space was not sufficient on this device, so i
expanded the database to new device(data + log)
my query looks like this:
create database testDB on data1=10 log on log1=10 with

alter database testDB on test1=5 log on test1=5 with

I had taken the dump of this database to local disk.

Due to some sybase problem, i wanted to restore the database
from the backup.Hence i deleted the existing database and
device and create new device and database as follows:

create database testDB on data1=10,test1=5 log on
log1=10,test1=5 with override

when i used the load database command to load the data from
the backup, the data device got changed to log device.
test1 device entirely became log device and log1 changed
from log device to data device.The total allocated size is
same the specified size, but the device allocation has

data1 is still data device
log1 changed to data + log
test1 entirely became log device

Please someone tell me how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance